Vanish tip exchange

What is the best way of proving a stain remover works? Get the people who have successfully tried it to tell us how they got their brilliant results. Via Facebook, we contacted anyone who had ever used Vanish and asked them to send in a video telling us what they thought of it. The response was phenomenal.

Over 150 people sent in their own little commercials. From those people we selected our cast for the Vanish Tip Exchange. We created a Facebook page where people could post stain problems and receive a tip to remove the problem in exchange. For the TV spots, we filmed a tour of this website, with questions being asked and real content playing, giving them the answers.

The campaign was so successful that although it was developed for the UK market, it became a global phenomenon, with over 50 commercials being shot around the world and still counting. Sales of Vanish are booming and hundreds of people have had their 3 minutes of fame.

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