The National lottery

Every lottery that is launched in any country around the world goes through a 7 year cycle of boom, decline and re-launch.

This series of commercials we created while at WCRS, completely
reversed the decline for the first time ever and sales of Lottery tickets actually increased. So, how do you get players who have
become disillusioned at the chances of ever winning, to go out and buy more tickets to play more often? Well, we identified one core sector that still LOVED the National Lottery. The people who were benefitting from the good causes money. ( A 60% share of all the money generated from sales of Lottery tickets.) So we contacted everyone who had ever received a grant from the National Lottery, from hundreds of pounds, to millions of pounds and asked them what it meant to them. From a sprung dance floor in a community hall, to a muti-million pound tourist attraction in Hull, they all agreed one thing. Without the National Lottery, they wouldn’t have made it.

So we encouraged them to tell the Nation. Tell them how brilliant the National Lottery is and what a difference they, as players, are making to the community. Even if you don’t win as a player, millions of people around the UK are winning just by you spending a couple of quid a week. So keep playing and we all keep winning. The result was a massive upturn in sales and a complete turnaround in the opinion of players towards the National Lottery.

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